My primary way of working integrates Somatic Experiencing™ ( and Organic Intelligence™( while being informed by the Hakomi developmental model ( All of these approaches are “bottom-up” therapeutic methods applying mindfulness and body-centered techniques to create more integrative change.

The experiences in somatic therapy alter the neural pathways for higher functioning and more stability. Working mindfully with the body and the nervous system in this way changes the brain. As new neurological networks are built to support increasing responsiveness and ease, the positive changes are wired in, not something we try to remember or to manage ourselves to perform.

I work from a non-pathologizing perspective, and I rely on the strength of the innate knowing of the individual, as well as the inherent capacity to heal that is in each of us. As we open to and learn to trust this natural capacity, we can learn to access and support this impulse, which leads to more coherency and ease in life.

This profound work alters how we perceive the world and the situations that arise, from this we have increased resiliency, more freedom and a natural ease.

I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 25 years and I find this somatic-mindfulness approach to be effective and rewarding.

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Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW, SEP, CHT
Psychotherapist   •  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner   •   Certified Hakomi Therapist
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