In the context of a safe environment, my work with therapists includes using the lens of the autonomic nervous system and an understanding of developmental wounding. I come from a strengths perspective, clearly affirming the therapist's strengths while discovering together what might be limiting the therapy as we discuss cases and the therapists concerns.

At times, this is simply getting further understanding of options to explore with the client and where therapy can feel stuck. Other times, the therapist's core beliefs and experiences might be limiting their therapeutic choices in the moment. We gently explore this in a way that builds confidence and more options in working with various client presentations.

Therapists can expect to feel stronger and empowered in this process of their own clinical and personal growth. The aim here is to engender a positive experience that frees up energy and builds confidence. I find this work very rewarding and enjoyable.

If you are a therapist exploring mindfulness-based or somatic psychotherapies, or you have interest in Hakomi or Somatic Experiencing and would like to engage expert supervision for this process, please consider my offer.

My aim in supervising is for the therapist to have new confidence in their own development and self-reflection as they go forward in their practice.

Typically I speak with the therapists I supervise between once a week and once every two months, depending on the evolving situation and the demands of their work. Calls usually last about an hour.

Please contact me via email to set up an initial call to see if your goals and practice situation mesh with what I provide.

My goals in offering supervision are:

     •  To help therapists have more confidence and clarity in working with the newer nervous system perspectives, as well as mindfulness-based and somatic approaches.
     •  To help therapists develop professional confidence and an enhanced ability to act from their direct experiences in their practice, and to help them develop their own therapeutic voice.
     •  To help therapists explore alternative ways of seeing and working with particular client challenges.



Continuing Education

Monthly Therapist Consultation Groups
with an emphasis on the nervous system regulation

Understanding Anxiety and Depression
through the lens of the Autonomic Nervous System

Using the Autonomic Nervous System to be more effective with Trauma Treatment

Applying Polyvagal Theory to Trauma Therapy

Case Consultation
Utilizing a Nervous System Perspective



Ruby Jo will be facilitating several consultation groups throughout this year. These groups are intended for professionals working with trauma who want individualized guidance and support from colleagues. Ruby Jo has done over 31,000 therapy sessions and brings this experience, along with years of somatic study in hakomi, SE, Organic Intelligence, as well as her own lens of Post-Traumatic Growth Somatic Therapy to the supervision/consultation group.  This group has a polyvagal-informed lens, as well as general neurobiological principles and trauma-informed—utilizing the nervous system and client wholeness as the foundation of working with clients more effectively. Therapist support is also a very primary goal in this group.  This is  an online group.

Due to a limited group size, we are not able to do refunds for any late cancellations.

Wednesdays from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.


October 27, 2021 • $85
November 17, 2021 • $75 if paid by Nov 3.
December 15, 2021 • $75 if paid by Dec 1.




Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW, SEP, CHT
Psychotherapist   •  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner   •   Certified Hakomi Therapist
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